Lough Ree Access for all

Lough Ree Access For All boat is a social enterprise that provides an adapted integrated water-based experience for people with disabilities for the first time. It is the only provider of a licenced passenger boat service for people with disability in Ireland or the UK and  is located in rural Ballyleague, County Roscommon in Ireland. In operation since May 2021, the service has already provided access to the Waters of Lough Ree to thousands of people with disabilities from Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Given the remote rural location of Ballyleague, digital entrepreneurship has been essential to its success. Without the internet, this service in this location, (well removed from the popular tourist trail) simply couldn’t have connected with its international market by any other means. A strong social presence, combined with an-up-to-date interactive website with online booking provision has proven essential to the operation of the business.

Access to Digital Entrepreneurship training as part of wider Social Enterprise Development and Tourism training delivered through Springboard+  funded programmes which were delivered locally has been of great assistance to the centres development.

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