Transforming Warehouse Logistics with Customised Dolibarr ERP Solutions: A Case Study of Z-Application

Z-Application, a Belgian micro-SME established in 2013, specialises in providing web-based client and server solutions for warehouses and customised warehouse logistics solutions. Z-Application offers tailored development of open-source Dolibarr Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions. Appels developed a modular base product that eliminates the need for individual business solutions for each customer, making it easier to customise according to specific business needs. With a diverse customer base spanning Europe, the USA, Mexico, and South Africa, Z-Application has gained recognition and support from various initiatives such as the Flemish SME e-wallet training support scheme and the DigitaliseSME initiative.

Through the guidance of a Digital Enabler, Z-Application significantly enhanced the automation of its online sales and successfully developed a new website integrated with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. This achievement underscores the importance of targeted guidance and mentoring programmes like DigitaliseSME in fostering success for enterprises.

Z-Application focuses on supporting companies with the development and maintenance of the Dolibarr ERP system. Their expertise lies in automated stock management and custom Dolibarr ERP development. For the development of business-oriented applications, Z-Application employs web-based client-server solutions, utilizing JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 for the user interface.

Z-Application’s approach revolves around a ready-to-use modular base product, which eliminates the need for building independent business solutions for each client. The base product leverages the open-source ERP system Dolibarr as a business platform. Dolibarr was selected due to its ease of management, installation on various platforms, and comprehensive set of standard features essential for businesses.

Continuous improvement and expansion of the base product with new features are integral to Z-Application’s support strategy. They also offer development and support services for the Dolibarr ERP system, ensuring ongoing assistance to their clients.

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Dolibarr ERP; Warehouse logistics solutions; Custom development; Modular base product; DigitaliseSME initiative


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