Revolutionizing Agriculture through Digital Transformation: The Success Story of Van Den Borne Aardappelen

Van Den Borne Aardappelen, a farm that originated in 1952 as a traditional family farm, has emerged as a pioneering example of digital transformation in the Netherlands. Focusing on the cultivation of potatoes, maize, wheat, and sugar beet, the Van Den Borne brothers have embraced advanced digital technologies to revolutionize their farming practices. By harnessing crop monitoring tools and software, they access real-time data and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding irrigation and fertilizer usage. Precision farming technologies, including GPS drones and sensors, have played a pivotal role in their success, allowing them to significantly increase crop yields, reduce inputs such as water, fertilizers, and fuel, and ultimately boost revenue.

The Van Den Borne brothers’ journey towards digital advancement involved extensive experimentation and scaling of successful solutions. They conducted initial trials and use cases to identify the most effective techniques before implementing them on a larger scale. Collaboration with knowledge institutions and industry partners, combined with active participation in publicly supported research and innovation projects, has been instrumental in driving their digital transformation forward.

Public financial support from local, regional, and national programmes aimed at stimulating MSME innovation and rural economic development has greatly facilitated the progress of Van Den Borne farm. Notably, they have received financial backing from initiatives like the Noord-Brabant subsidy scheme for MSME innovation stimulation. Furthermore, the farm has obtained funding for precision farming equipment investments through the Precision Farming Programme.

The remarkable digital transformation achieved by the Van Den Borne farm underscores the significance of guidance and training programmes, rigorous technology testing, and the vital role played by Digital Innovation Hubs. Through the optimisation of their potato production using digital instruments, such as Precision Farming, Jacob van den Borne and his team have demonstrated the immense potential and tangible benefits of embracing advanced digital technologies in agriculture.

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Digital transformation; Precision farming; Crop monitoring; Agricultural innovation; Rural economic development


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