Keyless: Revolutionizing Biometric Authentication for Digital Trust and Safety

Keyless is a cybersecurity company that has developed ground-breaking technology for password less biometric recognition, enabling employees of banks and businesses to securely access their accounts. In November 2020, the start-up was acquired by Sift, a global leader in digital trust and safety solutions. Founded just four years ago, Keyless quickly made a name for itself as a provider of next-generation biometric authentication. The company’s acquisition by Sift, backed by prominent venture capital firms, solidified its position in the digital trust and safety industry.

Keyless addresses the need to protect businesses from fraud and enhance the user experience by offering innovative solutions for digital identity. Its technology ensures the privacy and security of highly regulated organisations, such as banks and schools, allowing them to authenticate users without compromising personal data. With a team of Italian founders and a strong international presence, Keyless has gained recognition and secured partnerships with major enterprises across Europe. The company's success stems from its ability to combine multi-modal biometrics, privacy-enhancing technologies, and a distributed cloud network.

By winning prestigious contests and securing funding rounds, Keyless has demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. It has become the go-to solution for organizations seeking advanced protection against phishing attacks, credential theft, and account takeovers. Keyless' vision is to create a world where individuals can seamlessly access digital services from any device while maintaining control over their personal credentials. With their cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, they are at the forefront of the password less authentication revolution, ensuring a secure and user-friendly online experience for businesses and individuals alike.

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Cybersecurity; Keyless authentication; Biometric recognition; User experience; Start-up exit


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