Enhancing Digital Entrepreneurship
of Micro Enterprises
in Rural Areas
in a Post Pandemic World

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MICRO2 is a project within
ERASMUS+ KA220-VET - Cooperation
partnerships in vocational
education and training

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Toolkit -
Knowledge repository highly
effective upskilling
in 3 languanges

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About the project

Addressing digital transformation

MICRO 2 aims to enhance the capacity of rural microenterprises to tackle digital and business transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic by developing training resources tailored to rural microenterprises facing capacity constraints to embrace digital opportunity.

Inclusion & diversity in all fields of education & training

MICRO2 promotes social inclusion and improve outreach to people with fewer opportunities, including people living in rural and remote areas.

Local, National and European Level

The consortium will seek the direct involvement of stakeholders at local, national and EU level to promote the mainstreaming at strategic level especially in Ireland, Belgium, Italy and Spain

Increase flexibility of opportunities in VET

MICRO2 is precisely designed to “develop flexible VET programmes to close existing gaps in access to training for working age adults”. Our training is for people in rural areas working in microenterprises, already burdened with limited access to VET opportunity.

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Our background

Why this project?

Small and micro-enterprises in rural Europe are the ones facing the greatest challenges in sustaining their digital transition.

MICRO 2 Digital aims to address the pressing need to support microenterprises in rural areas to embrace digital transformation by tackling the issue of digital competences and skills of their staff.

Moreover, MICRO 2 Digital aims to enhance the responsiveness and coherence of the VET system in rural areas to meet increasing demand for digital competences by upgrading service provision and also by the latest update DigComp 2.2 released in March 2022.


Our Training

The training contents will be defined on the basis of the results of Work Package n.2 “MICRO 2 Digital Model”, which will provide a benchmark of DigComp and EntreComp competences for microenterprises in rural areas and will provide the necessary outputs to combine them with the identified topics mentioned above.

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MICRO 2 Digital Approaches Conclusion: Partners gather for Online Closing Meeting

As the MICRO 2 Digital project draws to a close, partners met for a pivotal Closing Meeting to reflect on the journey, reviewing project’s achievements and discussing the final steps. This gathering marked a significant milestone in the project’s timeline, offering an opportunity to assess progress, share insights and lay the groundwork for latest tasks. Since its inception, the MICRO 2 project has been dedicated to enhancing digital skills among microenterprises in rural areas, with the aim of fostering growth, employment and social empowerment. With co-funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU Commission, the project has brought together partners from across Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and Spain, uniting diverse expertise and perspectives to address common challenges. At the Closing Meeting, participants had the chance to review the project’s impact and discuss key achievements. From the development of innovative toolkits to the implementation of targeted training initiatives, MICRO 2 has made significant strides in advancing digital literacy and driving innovation within microenterprises. As the project enters its final stages, the spirit of collaboration and innovation that has defined MICRO 2 will continue to inspire partners and stakeholders. Looking ahead, the lessons learned and partnerships forged during this journey will serve as a solid foundation for future initiatives aimed at empowering microenterprises in the digital age. For more information on the MICRO 2 Digital project, visit: www.digitalmicro2.eu

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Enhancing Digitalisation of Microenterprises: MICRO 2 Project Launches Innovative Toolkit in Work Package 3

The MICRO 2 Digital project is proud to announce the online publication of training curricula as part of Work Package 3 of its innovative project. These resources - comprising modules, glossary, case studies and best practices - are set to enhance digital competences development and empower organisations to thrive in the digital era. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU Commission, MICRO 2 Digital porject aims to advance digital skills among microenterprises in rural areas to drive growth, employment, and social empowerment. The partnership includes four organisations from Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. MICRO 2 Toolkit serves as a knowledge repository where training contents and tools are freely accessible and available for a practical application and highly effective upskilling in 3 languages - English, Spanish and Italian. The training contents were defined based on the results of Work Package n.2 “MICRO 2 Digital Model”, benchmarking the content with the DigComp and EntreComp competences for microenterprises in rural areas. Contents are divided into 4 specific sections: •    Training modules •    Glossary •    Case studies •    Best practices Concerning the training paths, these are the macro-topics and related modules that you can find on the OER platform: Cybersecurity & data management Course | Cybersecurity Essentials for Rural Micro-Enterprises: Securing digital and business transformation in the post-COVID era •    Module 1. Cybersecurity fundamentals for a smooth digital transformation of rural MSMEs •    Module 2. Cybersecurity Best practices to protect personal data and privacy Course | Effective Data Management Strategies for Rural Micro enterprises: Enabling Digital and Business Transformation in the Post-COVID Era •    Module 1. Data management principles in Rural micro enterprises •    Module 2. How to manage data effectively to enable digital and business transformation of rural MSMEs Digital marketing and digital communication Course | Digital Dynamo: Unleashing the Power of Digital Marketing •    Module 1. Mastering Digital Marketing Strategies •    Module 2. Digital Communication and Interaction E-commerce Course | Introduction to E-Business for Micro enterprises: E-Commerce and Online Sales •    Module 1. Introduction to E-Commerce •    Module 2. Setting Up Your Online Store •    Module 3. Scaling Up Your Online Store Management in virtual settings Course | Leading and Managing Rural Micro Enterprises Through Digital Change •    Module 1. Leadership for Rural Micro Enterprises •    Module 2. Leadership Styles for Rural Micro-enterprises •    Module 3. Managing Digital Change in Rural microenterprises Course | Hybrid Work Teams for Rural Micro Enterprises •    Module 1. Promoting Effective Teamwork in a Hybrid Work Model for Rural Micro Enterprises •    Module 2. ICT Tools for Hybrid Management •    Module 3. Hybrid Working - Employer Obligations •    Module 4. Keeping Hybrid Teams Motivated For an in-depth overview and to access the training pathways (modules, glossary, case studies, and best practices), please visit: https://digitalmicro2.eu/toolkit.php?lang=EN For more information on the MICRO 2 Digital project, visit: www.digitalmicro2.eu  

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MICRO 2 Digital Project Follows Up on Testing and Validating Training with Practical Guidelines for Wider Adoption

The MICRO 2 Digital project proudly announces the successful implementation of its Test and Validation phase (WP4), focused on testing and promoting training materials designed to enhance digital competences and entrepreneurship for microenterprises in rural areas. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU Commission, the project aims to advance digital skills among microenterprises in rural areas to drive growth, employment, and social empowerment. The partnership comprises four organizations from Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. Through comprehensive testing and validation sessions, the project has confirmed the suitability of its training material across three languages and four countries, demonstrating its effectiveness for training. Training sessions, conducted both face-to-face and online, utilised official presentations and various online materials to illustrate concepts, showcasing the material’s adaptability for diverse learning environments. Despite varying testing contexts, all partners successfully participated, indicating strong community demand for this type of learning. Positive feedback highlighted the relevance, applicability, and completeness of the material and resources. Based on pilot sessions and project experience, practical guidelines have been developed to facilitate further adoption and replication of the initiative. These multilingual guidelines - English, Italian, Spanish - offer insights for trainers and training organisations to tailor the material to local contexts, ensuring an engaging and meaningful learning experience. For comprehensive access to the official guidelines document in English, visit: www.digitalmicro2.eu/mapping-docs/MICRO2_Guidelines_for_further_adoption_of_training_EN.pdf For more information on the MICRO 2 Digital project, visit: www.digitalmicro2.eu

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